Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rendering, part 1

Ok. so I'm helping a friend with some rendering techniques, and I'm breaking it down as I go, so I figured I'd throw what I'm doing up here. Make of it what you will!

#1 This is just a flat gradation from dark to light.

#2 This is a horizontal line drawn over it for a more textured effect.

#3 This is how I block in shapes to create a textured wall. I put some thicker lines on the top of the shapes to make them visually recess. It gives it the look of shadowing. Really, this could be left like this. I just like all the little lines!!

#4 This is the same technique from #1 inside the shapes, outside the shapes is the same technique, but higher on the value scale.

#5 I wanted to isolate the little ridge of rendering that I use to create some dimension. #6, and the line at the bottom further break down the process.

Give it a try!!

I've got more up my sleeve, and it's fun to break down this stuff. Stay tuned.


fatjester said...

Thank you so much for this! It's awesome to see these tidbits of your process!

Vicente Rico said...

david i'm a big fan of your style and this is just too awesome to be true. Blessing for you and your family, you are great as an artist and as a human being.

Greetings from mexico :]

Darin Calhoun said...

Thanks Dave! I look forward to any tips you can post.

Tom Parrish said...

Great stuff Dave! Love your rendering style - this in combination with the Gnomon DVD is a fantastic insight. Can't wait to see more!

matitaimpazzita said...

thank you david! I'm your fan and I'd like you to see my blog...now you can also translate into english ;)

please, come into my lair! :)

Darin Calhoun said...

Hey Dave I'm looking forward to this.

"This December from Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Lark and David Finch, it's the Iron Patriot versus Doctor Doom!" Comiclist.com

Jaime said...

Thank you very much David! I really want to learn how you do the texture and cross hatching stuff on your art.
I hope to see more of your tips and tutorial posted here!

If you do have a time sir, can you take a look at my art blog, I was hoping to ask for tips and get some critique from you sir.


Thanks again! Take care and God bless!

SantiagoJ said...

Thanks for posting..Your technique is too amazing for words.. And seeing your work from your younger days is really inspiring, especially to me as I'm still in high school. Hope to see more technique posts!!

Jason Michels said...

Oh, I am SO going to copy this into my sketchbook. After seeing this little exercise, all of the cross hatching in your other work really started to jump out at me. I'm really glad you took the time to post this.


Thanks for the tips! your art is amazing. Your dvd's from gnome are great. I would like to see one more video about rendering techniques. Keep inspiring us artist. BIGGMIGGZ deviantart id.