Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been working on the script for my next few issues and I have the first 3 pages finished.  It has been nice having Meredith home.  She is definitely helping me keep focused.  It is always a bit of a challenge when you work at home to avoid distractions but knowing you have someone keeping tabs on you definitely helps.

As I'm working on my script I'm really trying to work in a few more of DC villians.  There are so many great ones, I really want to have the chance to draw as many as I can and the great thing about writing your own script is that you can pretty much, DC marketing plans not withstanding, draw who ever you want Batman to fight next.  I'd be curious to see who people would like to see Batman fight, I'll see about doing another poll.

By the way I really liked the ideas for the website and I'll pass them along to Meredith.  Maybe we'll create a section with non-comic work.



Tim said...

Awesome story so far. Love the story; love the art. If you start looking for fan suggestions, I'm thinking a good problem solving, detective showdown with the Riddler( my fav)combined with your art would be extreme.

Høgni J. Mohr said...

Hi David Finch, I really admire your burning passion!I am a big fan of yours!
Check my blog if you're intrested, starting my drawing career this spring and I just wanted to tell you have inspired me greatly :)

slappymonkey said...

The Joker is always a favourite or perhaps Bane he hasn't been around a Batman book in a while. Whomever you pick i'm sure will be awesome. all the best.

p.s. Really enjoying what you have done so far with the dark knight excited for what's next.

joseph_hopkins said...

Can't wait for the #3. It's been amazing so far! And I would love to see an arc with the scarecrow.he is never used and there are so many great things you can do with that character.he is also a scary character and you can do a lot of dark things with it especially in batman which is already very dark!

asura said...

Hello David Finch,
I am a huge fan of your work since Ascencion.
Since you are both drawing and writting Batman, would you ever consider drawing and writting Ra's Al Ghul? An epic shirtless sword fight between Ra's and Batman would be fantastic with your art!

Thanks for reading!

shinobi100 said...

2 comments, ranked in order of importance: 1.) PLEASE meet deadlines. I used to be an insanely good, detailed artist and deadlines were my achilles heel. I'd rather have a 90% perfect issue in my hand each month than a 100% perfect one every 3 months. 2.) Villains: bring on the bad@$$es. Put Bruce up against powerhouses that completely outmatch him. So he has to use EVERY ounce of wits and stamina. Bane comes to mind. You can even steal villains from other heroes books. Roger Stern was a master at that. Anyone recall Spidey vs. Juggernaut, circa 1982? I think Deathstroke would do nicely. Hide the women and children on this one: Cyborg Superman

shinobi100 said...

I wanted to add that I think it's really cool your wife helps you. That's better than any story you could tell. I wanted to throw out a couple more villains that would do good with your dark style. First and foremost, the Reaper. With DCnU's new continuity, you could really shape him however you wanted. Then there's Deadshot. Classic Batman villain. More importantly to me, is the Catwoman. I don't think any tale can truly be considered epic unless it involves a love story. And continuing from my last thread about putting Batman up against a foe he has almost no chance to win against: Mongul. Mongul outclasses Batman on so many levels, but...he's beatable. And it would show Batman's greatness, and yours, if you showed us how.

Unknown said...

Your drawings are amazing...I've watched some of your gnomon tutorial videos again and again...huge fan!

You should get on Google Plus...there's already a pretty great comics community in there. Would be great if you would take part!

Let me know if you want need an invite?

Very excited to read your new comic. The pencils are killer!!!

asura said...
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asura said...

With a Ra's Al Ghul story you get evrything:

- Strong physical match (maybe the best of the Batman Rogue Gallery): Ra's Al Ghul had centuries to train and master martial arts, swords and different fighting techniques.

- Supernatural: the Lazarus Pits, that regenerates people and even enhance Ra's strength and madness!

- Love interest: Talia is Damian Wayne's mother. Besides, Talia and Bruce have a long love story behind them

What do you think? A shirtless and bulky Ra's coming out of the Lazarus Pit, like only David Finch would know how to draw!!!

Eduardo Souza said...

Man, I would just like to congratulate and thank you for your blog. It is very, very easy-to-read and the lessons you give are so self-explanatory. Even the things that I somehow already know comes very easily and improved through your posts!

Please, do keep the awesome job you do!

Redde67 said...

Hi Mr Finch.
What books are u recommended in
Dynamic Figure Drawing The Body05
George Grighton anathomy (bible as u said) and Kyle Harts or something like that?

Redde67 said...

Im just one of ur fans who become an artist after wathing ur pencilling. I inked a couple of ur pencil works and put them in frame in my room. U usually watch ur dvd's once per month and I cant understand some frases. So i decided to ask U.
ps Do u use HB pencil or other?

Unknown said...

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juliozor said...

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juliozor said...

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juliozor said...

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Brian said...

hey mr. finch, im gonna cut to the chase and say i wasnt really into the new 52 batman story at first but when i got into issue 3 its starting to pick up well for me. Also you refer to alfred as good friend with batman talking, and i found that a bit weird especially when he is in batman mode. art is always lovely. and i loved the first dark knight pre 52 issues!

Sutajio West said...

The new pages look wonderful! Yes working at home is definitely a double edged sword, great to be able to walk away from your work, but sometimes it's way too easy to do so. I gotta tell ya more than a tutorial on technique I'd be really interested in hearing your thoughts for staying on point through any given day of drawing, especially those difficult days. Thanks for the crazy amounts of inspiration over the years Dave!


Pc man said...

Hi Dave,your work is wonderful, and the pages are EXCELLENT!!

Unknown said...

Please post more on your blog!

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