Saturday, November 27, 2010

superman super quicky color sketch

This is watercolor too.  I did this last week very, very fast.  It's actually mostly acrylic on the figure over the watercolor.  I've found that you need a hair dryer for the watercolor, or you end up with a mess really fast, and I got impatient with this one, so acrylic took over.  I figure I'd like to find a balance between the two eventually. 

Color mixing went very fast for this too.  I'm getting more confident with it.  My blues are greyed with orange, and my reds with green.  I'm finding that my blues go toward orange too much, and I think I'm going to start using black and white to grey my colors a bit more along with compliments.  It really depends on the color though.  Because every color has a cast to it, and isn't a perfect blue or orange, when you mix them to get grey you can get unpredictable results, and I like that, but I want to get more control over it in a more predictable way, so straight up grey should help. 

Anyway, there's a long explaination for a very quick crappy sketch. 


Flavio Silva said...
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Flavio Silva said...

Hi Dave - I do not speak English. Congratulations painting!

Manu said...

Dave, I have no time enough to write a long long message. It's just a great pleasure to read you again, here, because all the blogposters have missed you a lot :)

We've been very shocked by what happened, and had a lot of thought for you.

Welcome back, best regards, Manu :)

antonio said...

Dave the idea of having a drier is the best option, but also you can planify your work in areas (I mean you can attack all areas you want and then turn upside down, or attack the right and then the left, many options, the piece and continue with the other ones).
I am desperate when working the watercolor so I normally do that!


Unknown said...

Unbelievable man. Fantastic.


p.s. posted to @WestfieldComics account

Ramin said...

the colors work for me, great painting.

Jessica said...

First of all, love your art. I think the Superman is fine. Sometimes gritty is better.

Two, will you contact me please? I would like to find out about purchasing a print that is not on the artists choice.

You can drop me a line on my blog( or on Facebook(

Thanks and keep up the great work.


Kan Muftic said...


Aaron Yeboah Jr. said...

Recently saw Dave Finch's Shadowland After the Fall 1 cover featuring Daredevil and it has the same pose of 2Pac's until the end of time album cover!!!!

Ben Grace said...

You're my hero! biggest inspiration to pick up a pencil.

Unknown said...

Hi David, I was wondering if you had a book out there on the interweb somewhere for sale.


Anonymous said...

wow, your "quick crappy sketch" is like what i could maybe do if i sat for a week at the drawing table. i'm envious

MaarQe said...

Hi there David,

I just found you and your artwork. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I wanted to know is there a place that I communication in a more easier way???

If not did you do more along The Jack of Heart vein ??

I can be reached at
Thanks Cheers
Mark :))